The K2 Dive Resort in Lembeh is literally sitting on top of most famous dive sites in the Lembeh Strait, North Sulawesi of Indonesia. Built and located on the island of Lembeh, the entire facility overlooked the Strait and Bitung City provides a breathtaking view, approximately 90min drive from Manado capital of North Sulawesi Region, or the Samratulangi International Airport.

Guests who soon become friends to the dedicated staff member of K2 Dive Resort, are greeted at the Arrival Exit Gate of The Samratulangi International Airport before being transported in an Airconditioned SUVs or Minibus to a local traditional fishermen market in Bitung City (45km) where K2 Dive Resort’s transport speedboat is waiting for transfer, which take 5min boat ride with the beautiful strait as its backdrop.

Bottled waters are provided during the transfer, before arriving at the resort to a hot traditional welcome drinks out of ginger and cold towels.

Entire team of K2 Dive Resort is looking forward to welcome all scuba diving enthusiasts and holiday makers from all over the world to experience Lembeh Strait, the K2 Dive Resort way.

Get your experience now, at K2 Dive Resort Lembeh; For The Well Travelled Diver