Cancellation & Disruption Policy

K2 Dive Resort highly recommends adequate travel insurance for ALL our guests. Insurance should cover health, travel and diving.
Cancellation or disruption caused through us (such as mechanical or other reasonably unforseeable problems) entitles you to a pro-rata refund of the disrupted portion of the vacation in credit or cash. You or your insurance must shoulder the costs of cancellations, losses and disruptions caused by reasons outside of K2 Dive Resort’s control or responsibility. This includes but is not limited to: Inclement weather, health problems, family emergencies, lost luggage, cancelled or postponed flights (including those we book for you) and many other unforeseen reasons that can change travel plans and/or cause financial losses. K2 Dive Resort can provide documentation to support your insurance claims upon your request, however it is your responsibility to insure yourself or your group against these possible losses.

Cancellation Policy – No refund for cancellation made 1 month before arrival. There will be no refund for services not utilised.


General Terms

  1. All divers must produce proof of certification by an internationally recognized diving agency upon arrival before participating in any diving activity. Divers who have not dived in the last 12 months or if exhibit uncertainty in their skills may be required at the sole discretion of our Dive Manager to do a Refresher Course.
  2. All guest will be required to sign a “Liability Release (Waiver”) and “Express Assumption of Risk” upon arrival. No diving or snorkeling activities will be permitted until the said forms are signed and witnesses.
  3. To confirm reservation, a non-refundable deposit of the equivalent of 25% of the total cost of stay must be made, and the balance paid within 21 days, but prior to the arrival date.
  4. Any amendment to confirmed booking shall be subject to the Management’s sole discretion in acceding to the same.